MaryAnn Vitiello is a Nurse Practitioner, documentary photographer, activist and Mother.

Her photographs honor and preserve moments that hold deep meaning for her , reflecting her belief that photographs speak a transcendent and powerful language that can instantly elicit compassion and deepen understanding across cultures, communities, and countries.

In her role as the Senior Nursing Advisor for PEPFAR (Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) MaryAnn traveled extensively utilizing her photographs as a tool to raise awareness of people, places and situations in urgent need of global attention, specifically illustrating the plight of women and children. Her photographs and stories pay tribute to our commonalities as beings who share a planet and the human experience, with all its imperfections, challenges, complexity and beauty.

Through her work as an AIDS nurse and activist in over 40 countries , MaryAnn has been a front line witness to the best and the worst of the human condition from despair to hopefulness, to enduring faith in one’s self-worth and the ability to overcome. It is that which draws her to her subjects and their stories. To capture a moment that speaks to all, a fleeting instant that may have the potential to change thoughts and lives, is MaryAnn’s mission, which is particularly important to her in our present day world.

Resiliency ties the past , present and future together and is the thread that weaves not just through the human spirit, but communities and environments as well. Resiliency can take many forms and may be seen as dramatic, subtle, or joyous, but however it manifests it is always inspiring. Though frequently elusive, resiliency is what MaryAnn seeks to photograph.